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LTE91010XF v1.00 (TAUVN CAT3) Embedded Modem - AT&T

AT&T/Global Deployment End Device Certified The LTE910XF CAT3 Embedded Modem

The AT&T LTE910XF v1.00 XF Plug-In modem, based on the industry standard 20-pin connector footprint, is an LTE Category 3 4G cellular modem. They utilize the Telit LE910-NAG module as their cellular engine. The LTE910XF v1.00 units operate in LTE bands (B17), (B5), and (B2), with fallback to GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, or HSPA+ networks as needed.

End device certification allows users to implement the LTE910XF in their devices with no further North American carrier certification requirements.

The full XF line shares the Industry Standard 20-pin connector footprint and is flexible in implementation - both into new product designs and with existing products.