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LTE910CF v6.00 (TBUVN CAT1) Embedded Modem - Verizon

The LTE910CF 6.00 TBUVN CAT1 Embedded Modem
AT&T End Device Carrier Certified

The LTE910CF v6.00 embedded socket modem incorporates Telitís LE910SV1 module as its cellular engine. The LTE910XF v6.00 units operate in LTE bands (B13), (B4), and (B2). It is pin compatible with the full line of Janus Embedded socket modem products.

The LTE910CF v7.00 is designed with a switching regulator to power the cellular radio. The regulator can receive an input voltage of 3.4 to 5.25Vdc to maintain regulation, but can also accept down to 3.0Vdc, in which regulation is bypassed.

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