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Janus 400AP Intelligent Terminus

The Janus Intelligent Terminus CDMA400AP, HSPA400AP, EVDO400AP, and LTE400AP are single board computers (SBCs) incorporating IoT communication capabilities. The ALL-IN-ONE 400AP series products are complete wireless communication devices backed by ARM-9 architecture capable of 400 MIPS and controlled by a Buildroot driven Linux OS. The Intelligent Terminus products are available across most common wireless technologies, including GSM/GPRS, CDMA, EVDO, UMTS, HSPA+ and LTE communication networks. They are also available in LAN configurations such as WiFi, BLE, and ZigBee.


HSPA400AP v1.0 w/ Accessories - AT&T/Global Deployment
Price: $350.00

LTE400AP v1.0 w/Accessories - AT&T
Price: $325.00

LTE400AP v3.0 w/ Accessories - Verizon
Price: $325.00

LTE910AP v6.0 CAT1 - Verizon Accessory Kit
Price: $300.00

LTE400AP v7.0 CAT1 w/Accessories - AT&T
Price: $300.00