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Janus Remote Communications is a world-class provider of custom and off-the-shelf wireless solutions for the global M2M marketplace.

Janus Design and Development

Janus offers comprehensive hardware and software design and development solutions that support all areas of the expanding M2M marketplace. Our highly skilled Engineering Staff can offer you design and development services, from concept through production, or help with any area in between. Janus Remote Communications' value-added areas of concentration include System Architecture, Hardware Design, Firmware Design, Database Design, User Interface Tools, Hardware Manufacturing, and Applications Software.

Some of our technical areas of expertise include:

- GSM/GPRS Communications
- GPS Timing and Positioning
- WiFi 802.11a/b/g
- Ethernet 802.3
- Bluetooth
- Zigbee
- IrDA

Typical applications that we customize for our partners include:

- Communications Gateways
- Sensor & Event Logging
- Vehicular Tracking
- Inventory Tracking
- Custom order Fulfillment
- Dispatch Route Planning & Logging
- Asset Geofencing & Tracking
- Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Janus has a solid reputation for customization, quality and responsiveness. We have the internal resources and experience in all the M2M technologies to create different platforms for specific application needs. Our M2M solutions extend beyond design services to full PTCRB and FCC certification, ensuring that your product can be used on the carrier networks. Backend solutions include database construction with intuitive user interfaces.

Janus Distribution

Visit our Distribution center at to build your M2M solutions from our various enabling technologies and standard "ready-to-perform" products. Janus is the North America Distributor of several standard M2M products that meet numerous applications needs. Our partners include:

- Telit Wireless Soutions
- NavSync GPS Solutions
- InfoTek
- Connor-Winfield Corporation
- Lantronix
- Blue Giga

Janus Remote Communications is a division of The Connor-Winfield Corporation. For over 40 years, Connor-Winfield has added value to its customers' products and processes within the electronic industry, most notably in the telecommunications arena.

A privately held business in the Chicagoland area, Connor-Winfield has, since its inception, successfully advanced the technology of Frequency Control products in the telecommunications industry. Connor-Winfield's expansion has grown to over 230,000 sq. ft. of corporate, research, and manufacturing facilities in the United States and abroad. Specializing in custom designs, our products and services are used in applications from telecommunications to LAN, WAN, computers, and a vast array of other electronic system applications, test and measurement, GPS related markets, and automotive, military, and commercial manufacturing services.

The Connor-Winfield Corporation has manufactured electronic frequency timing devices for nearly 40 years since its incorporation in May 1963. Within this timeframe, Connor-Winfield has grown to be a leading U.S. manufacturer of quartz crystal-based hybrid circuits, commonly referred to as crystal oscillators.

Connor-Winfield's frequency control products are used in a broad variety of applications, including telecommunications, LAN and WAN products, computers and other microprocessor-based and electronic equipment. Connor-Winfield specializes in designing custom and semi-custom frequency control products, but also offers a broad line of standard oscillator products, and oscillators that are not crystal-based. We design custom and semi-custom frequency control products both at the system and component level. Our broad line of oscillators and quartz crystals permit us to serve our customers at all levels of their product needs. By fostering a close working relationship between our customers' system designers and Connor-Winfield's engineering group, our customers reduce their product design cycle time, conserve valuable engineering resources, and get their products to market quicker than the competition.

Connor-Winfield has developed a complete state-of-the-art electronic assembly facility offering a high degree of automation with an emphasis on superior quality. The Custom Manufacturing Services Group has been organized to market these capabilities to OEM's specializing in quick turnaround on prototypes and pilot runs, along with the ability to respond efficiently to complex project runs.

Facility Locations and Manufacturing Capacities

Connor-Winfield has grown significantly in the last ten years and currently employs a staff of over 450 engineers, technicians, assembly operators and support personnel. The Corporate facility is located in Aurora, Illinois with four dedicated manufacturing facilities also in Aurora, a crystal division in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and a manufacturing, engineering, sales and distribution facility in Ireland (totaling over 250,000 sq. ft.).

Technologies & Capabilities

We are vertically integrated, from the precision cutting of the quartz crystals through all critical manufacturing processes and final testing. Consequently, we are able to control and monitor every step of the fabrication process. While we are large enough to be efficient and cost effective, we have proudly preserved our small company roots and interactive culture to be flexible and to create products that match our customers' individual requirements. All designs are prototyped and rigorously tested to assure conformance to the specifications required for your products performance, saving you valuable test time and dollars. All Connor-Winfield's network timing products are designed where applicable, to meet and exceed Telcordia specification GR-1244-CORE, GR-253-CORE, ITU-T-G812, ITU-T-G813, and ANSI TI-101

ISO Certification

We believe that quality begins well before our product is ever assembled. By maintaining our ISO 9001 Quality System certification, continuous improvement to our processes is a commitment we make to constantly go beyond the expectations of our customers. For us, quality is not just a technique or system, it is an all encompassing and uncompromising philosophy to produce products that not only precisely meet our customers' quality requirements, but also surpass them in every way.