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Janus LTE POTSwap

The Janus LTE POTSwap allows users to replace analog (copper) phone lines, also called POTS (plain old telephone service) or PSTN (public switched telephone network), with a cost-competitive POTSwap unit and cellular voice and data plans. The POTSwap converts your fixed location landline devices to cellular enabled fixed or mobile implementations.

Voice Services are available below. For custom carrier plans, contact Janus directly at 630-499-2121.

Good News! The Verizon LTE910PS v3.00 TAUVN POTSwap will begin shipping the first week of November!

The current version of the Janus LTE POTSwap, LTE910PS V3.00 TAUVN, cannot be used to dial 911. It will require a firmware update at some point in Q4 or Q1 2021, after release of our cellular module providerís newest certified firmware version, to add 911 calling capability.

* Customers can expect that a FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air) update will be performed on LTE910PS V3.00 TAUVN devices during the overnight hours sometime after we have received our supplierís new firmware version, in Q4 2020 or Q1 2021.

* The update and reboot should take no more than 15 minutes and require 20 Mb of data. After reboot the unit should be 911 capable.

* This update is mandatory per Verizon.

Customers that require 911 calling capability should wait for release of the next version of the POTSwap, LTE910PS v3.00 TBUVN. That version will be 911 capable and should be available late in Q4 2020.


LTE910PS v1.00 AT&T Premium Kit Promotion
Price: $825.00

LTE910PS v1.00 AT&T Standard Kit Promotion
Price: $550.00

LTE910PS v1.00 AT&T Premium Kit 4G Upgrade
Price: $675.00

LTE910PS v1.00 AT&T Standard Kit 4G Upgrade
Price: $375.00

AT&T SIM Card Prepaid - 12Mo/100Min - Activate
Price: $220.00

AT&T SIM Card Prepaid - 24Mo/100Min - Activate
Price: $400.00

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