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LTE910PS v3.00 TBUVN Verizon POTSwap Deployment - Unit Only

Verizon certified

The LTE910PS v3.00 TBUVN Verizon POTSwap allows landline telephones and modems to replace their POTS (plain old telephone service) connection with a wireless cellular connection. The POTSwap converts fixed location landlines to cellular enabled fixed or mobile implementations. Both dial-in and dial-out data and voice applications are supported.
An FXS connection (RJ11 jack) provides complete Central Office emulation including dial tone, ringing and busy signal generation as well as DTMF detection and generation. The POTSwap emulates all the functions of a wired telephone connection, is fully compatible with all common modem standards and can be configured to emulate international telephone line standards. Configuration of the POTSwap can be achieved via a local serial interface connection.

Installing a POTSwap is the easiest way to switch legacy equipment from traditional phone landlines to a 4G LTE network. The existing phone line is connected directly to POTSwap. Simply unplug the telephone jack from its wall outlet and plug it into the POTSwap’s RJ11 socket. Insert the appropriate SIM card into the back panel of the unit.

Janus offers carrier voice and data plans in support of the LTE POTSwap. Equipment lease options are available to qualified customers.


Supports all 3G and 4G network standards
Rugged aluminum enclosure

Emergency Phone Kiosks
Broadcast trucks
Marine telephones
Mobile office trailers
Elevator telephones
Public School Districts

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