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LTE910PS v3.00 Verizon Premium Kit 4G Upgrade

3G Carrier Service will be ending soon in North American! Upgrade to 4G now and save over $300 on a POTSwap Premium Kit with one free year of voice service when customers agree to a *Two Year Commitment Thereafter.

LTE910PS POTSwap v3.00 Verizon Premium Kit offers customers a POTSwap unit and premium accessories that are suitable for outdoor antenna installations.Verizon certified

Included in Premium Kit:

LTE910PS v3.00 Modem - Verizon
AC/DC Wall Adapter 12V 24W
3-in-1 LTE MIMO/GNSS Antenna with SMA connector – 10 Feet
Three Lightning Arrestors SMA Jack to SMA Bulkhead
Three 18" Patch Cable SMA to SMA
Grounding Wire 12AWG stranded, Green 30ft
Activated Verizon SIM Card (includes 911 Service)
Quick Start Guide Documentation

Installing a POTSwap is the easiest way to switch legacy equipment from traditional phone landlines to a 4G LTE network. The existing phone line is connected directly to the POTSwap. Simply unplug the telephone jack from its wall outlet and plug it into the POTSwap’s RJ11 socket. Insert the appropriate SIM card into the back panel of the unit.

Monthly plan begins on the date the POTSWAP and SIM CARD are shipped.
Janus will contact purchaser at the end of the plan term with renewal offers. *$15.00 per month after 1st year promotion. *Two Year Commitment Required

Overage charge of $.20 per minute for every minute over 100 minutes during a 30 day plan period.
Contact Janus Directly for Customer Service Plans.
Janus Terms and Conditions Apply.

*When possible, Customers are asked to return their current 3G POTSwaps to the following address:
POTSwap Returns
2359 Diehl Road
Aurora, IL. 60502

Remember to remove your 3G SIM card.

POTSwap™ Carrier Certifications Regulatory Approvals
The POTSwap includes several cellular carrier and regulatory approvals and certifications, as stated in our Product Briefs, User Manuals, and other documentation. Ultimately, the customer is responsible for ascertaining and abiding by the Federal, State and local laws, regulations and other requirements regarding the application in which they will deploy the POTSwap.

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